We never charge the seller a commission!

Easy Apartment Sell
  • Step 1: Fill out ANY contact form on this site or call us directly at (888) 542-6009 at no obligation.
  • Step 2: We will contact you and set up a solution consultation to determine how we can best serve you.
  • Step 3: We work directly with the closing attorney and all other parties to ensure an easy closing.

That's it! After that you'll receive a check in the mail or direct payment to your bank account every month!

Never again worry about repairs, vacancies, tenants suing, the market, or the expense of property taxes and insurance! It doesn’t matter, you have a secured, fixed income note and it pays you the exact same every month no matter what!

For more detailed information we have described the process for each easyapartmentsell step below:

Step 1: This step lets us know you would like more information about what an offer on your building or portfolio would look like.

Step 2: What's most important is your needs. If we can’t meet your needs, it makes no sense to sell us your apartment buildings and we couldn’t agree with you more. That is why we have experienced easyapartmentsell.com “Solution Consultants” to understand and collect all the information needed to customize an offer for you. If we are not able to produce an offer that meets your needs, we have other easy options available for you to learn about and consider.

Step 3: We fill out all the legal purchase and sale agreement documents and instructions to the closing attorney and send those documents to our client for review. Once you, the seller, have approved the purchase and sale agreement, we forward the documents to a closing attorney who prepares all of the legal and closing documents, including the promissory note and Deed of Trust. (The promissory note is the loan agreement. The Deed of Trust is the legal document securing the promissory as a lien against the property. The Deed of Trust is recorded at the courthouse by the closing attorney.) The closing attorney can answer any legal questions regarding the deal you or your attorney may have. (*The closing attorney cannot give you personal legal advice. Please contact your personal real estate attorney for personal legal advice. If you do not have a real estate attorney relationship, we have a few local real estate attorneys that we can provide you their contact information, just ask your easyapartmentsell.com “Solution Consultant”.)

The closing attorney also sets up the 3rd party escrow company that receives the payments each month. The 3rd party escrow company will receive and distribute payments and keep the accounting, which you receive as a monthly statement. You will also receive a copy of the insurance policy, as you will be listed as an additional insured party. In fact, we pay for income protection insurance so even if something happens to the building out of our control that results in an insurance claim and prevents the building from being rentable, our insurance pays the monthly income.

And that is it! You are set. Now you will receive a fixed, predictable monthly cash flow with no additional effort. Bookkeeping is kept and statements sent to you monthly. Freedom is yours.

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"Thanks for making it easy!"

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