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Dear Industry Professional, is a valuable tool when consulting your clients that have owned investment real estate for some time. There is absolutely no charges or fees to you or your client. Our service systems empower sellers of real estate with selling options that can reduce their tax obligation and give them the cash they need now, while preserving a long term passive cash flow stream that fits nicely into their estate planning.

easyapartmentsell and affiliate LLC’s purchase investment properties and real estate portfolios. Unlike most purchasers of real estate who are just trying to get the best buy, they or Realtors who just want to make a commission, easyapartmentsell takes a seller needs first approach.

The best way to customize an offer that works to maximize seller profits and reduce taxes is to work with their industry professionals, like you. easyapartmentsell will literally customize offers based on the best tax situation for the seller. Very often this is the exact same time some additional estate planning may be relevant and we work with the seller’s estate attorney to make sure the transaction is structured properly for the seller’s estate planning and cash flow strategy.

In addition to our seller needs approach of purchasing real estate we have the team and resources for a successful business relationship. We are affiliated with a full service real estate investment and management company, Extant Realty. Our team has nearly 100 years combined real estate investment experience. Our current business model and resources make us a rock-solid choice for your client. Clients enjoy in-house full time financial department, licensed investment brokerage, property management, maintence team and over a decade of proven track record to name a few.

If you are an attorney who closes real estate transactions and would like to close your client’s transaction that works for us. We primarily use Robert S. Delaney in Spokane, WA.

For tax strategy questions, we have brought on Wayne E. Vinson, CPA, who specializes in real estate tax strategy. Please feel free to contact him at 509-443-4262 and we will pick up the tab!

Our goal is to be a resource to the industry professional. In a world with limited selling options that maximize seller benefits we offer a fresh perspective that helps your clients protect the wealth they have build with real estate, while achieving true freedom through cash flow.

If you have not reviewed easyapartmentsell take 10 minutes or so to do it, play with the Monthly Income Calculator, we think you and your clients will love it! Feel free to call me anytime. Sincerely,

Tyler Vinson


Founder easyapartmentsell LLC