Our mission is to help our clients achieve freedom through cash flow and to offer real estate owners a better selling solution. The journey began in 2001 when easyapartmentsell.com founder Tyler Vinson began buying multi-family real estate. Tyler started investing in multi-family buildings part-time, while working full-time and finishing a college degree at Eastern Washington University. In early 2005, Tyler made the move into full-time real estate and became a passionate student of investment real estate and promissory notes.

Throughout the years of buying properties, Tyler would see sellers out in the community and get big hugs and comments like, “It’s the guy who pays our bills!” To see the sincere joy and freedom the sellers experienced was inspiring. The next thought was how do we offer this same superior selling service to more apartment sellers looking to protect their equity and create a long-term monthly income.

Through his experience as a real estate broker, Tyler witnessed apartment owners struggling with the lack of liquidity of their apartment buildings and the challenges ownership can sometimes bring. Apartment owners could not reasonably sell their portfolio without a major effort in many ways, not to mention a tax bill and the critical task of placing the equity in a new safe investment with a good monthly dividend.

We believe it’s time for change. It’s time to empower sellers with information and options! Instead of paying taxes on you profits, make interest income! In the past, you put your money in a bank and let them lend it out and make the interest, with easyapartmentsell.com you make the interest!

In 2009, Tyler opened a real estate brokerage specializing in income-producing real estate and property management. This opened the door to the talented team that we have today! The core team has worked diligently together to create systems that bring more value to our clients and, more specifically, more value to the owners and sellers of apartment buildings who want to protect their equity and acquire a long-term monthly cash flow asset.

In recent years, our team enjoys hugs, smiles, and special visits from the sellers we have been able to help! Experiencing the special and unique situations where we help sellers is where easyapartmentsell.com grows.

Easyapartmentsell.com looks forward to helping YOU achieve freedom through cash flow.

A Message from Tyler Vinson

If you think selling your real estate means paying big tax bills, giving up your income stream, and dealing with the hassles of banks, appraisers, inspectors, and brokers, then think again! We have built close relationships with industry professionals, including CPAs and estate attorneys, to develop a purchase model custom-fit to the needs of the seller. We are a business where a client can sell as-is to one buyer and still protect their equity and income stream. Welcome to easyapartmentsell.com where we believe freedom is cash flow without the liabilities of ownership.